Target’s Marketing Makeover: How They Captivated the Millennial Audience


Target, like many other retailers, struggled to appeal to the millennial audience. Their traditional marketing tactics were falling short in attracting this coveted market. However, in recent years, Target has undergone a marketing makeover that has successfully captured the attention of millennials. Let’s take a closer look at how Target did it.

1. Collaborations with Millennial-Friendly Brands:

Target has teamed up with popular millennial-friendly brands such as Toms, Hunter, and Missoni. These collaborations attract millennials who may not typically shop at Target but are drawn in by the partnership with brands they already know and love. It also solidifies Target’s reputation as a trendy, stylish retailer.

2. Social Media Marketing:

Target has a strong social media presence, particularly on Instagram, which is popular among millennials. They use their social media accounts to showcase their products and engage with their followers. Target has also used innovative social media campaigns to boost engagement and buzz around their brand.

3. Reinvented Brand Identity:

In recent years, Target has rebranded itself with a more modern, minimalist aesthetic. This new look appeals to millennials who appreciate simplicity and a clean design. Target’s new branding is also reflected in their advertising campaigns, which feature diverse models and emphasize inclusivity.

4. Personalization:

Millennials love personalized experiences that make them feel like unique individuals, not just another customer. Target has capitalized on this by offering personalized recommendations and deals based on a customer’s purchases and browsing history. They also offer a wedding and baby registry service that allows customers to create personalized lists of items they need.


Target’s marketing makeover has been a resounding success. They have managed to capture the attention of the elusive millennial audience by partnering with popular brands, utilizing social media, reinventing their brand identity, and offering personalized experiences. If Target’s recent success is anything to go by, other retailers would do well to follow in their footsteps.