Target’s Marketing Makeover: How They Captivated the Millennial Audience

How Target Changed Their Marketing Strategy

In recent years, Target has undergone a major marketing transformation. Once known for its focus on suburban moms, Target recognized the need to appeal to a new demographic: millennials. With their buying power increasing, Target needed to differentiate themselves from the competition and win over this coveted audience.

The Change in Branding

Target’s first step in their marketing makeover was changing their branding. They added a new slogan, “Expect More. Pay Less.” which perfectly aligned with the millennial mindset. Millennials want high-quality products, but they don’t want to break the bank. Target’s new slogan spoke to these values by highlighting their commitment to affordable products that don’t sacrifice quality.

The Power of Influencers

Another major change in Target’s marketing strategy was their focus on influencer marketing. Millennials are known for being heavily influenced by social media, so Target began using influencers to promote their products to this market. Target partnered with popular bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers to showcase their products and demonstrate how they fit into the millennial lifestyle. By using influencers with large followings, Target was able to reach a new audience and increase brand awareness.

Create a Unique Experience

A final key component in Target’s marketing makeover was creating a unique shopping experience. Millennials want a shopping experience that’s fun and engaging, and Target has delivered just that. Target’s stores have been redesigned to provide a more modern and trendy vibe. They’ve also added more technology, such as touchscreens and QR codes, to offer a more interactive shopping experience. By creating an enjoyable and unique shopping experience, Target has been able to not only captivate the millennial audience, but also keep them coming back.


Target’s marketing makeover has been a huge success. By changing their branding, using influencers, and creating a unique shopping experience, Target has been able to appeal to the millennial market. Target’s transformation serves as a great example of how companies can adapt their marketing strategy to stay relevant and appeal to new audiences.