The Rebranding Success of Old Spice: From Dad’s Cologne to Millennial Must-Have


Old Spice has been around for over 80 years, and for a long time, it was considered a brand for older men. However, in recent years, Old Spice has undergone a major rebranding effort to appeal to younger consumers, particularly millennials. This rebranding has been incredibly successful, as Old Spice has become a must-have brand for many millennials.

Old Spice’s Rebranding Strategy

So, how did Old Spice transform from dad’s cologne to a millennial must-have? It all started with a marketing campaign featuring Isaiah Mustafa, which went viral online. The ads featured Mustafa, a former NFL player, in various absurd situations, always smelling great thanks to Old Spice. The campaign was incredibly successful, and it helped Old Spice gain a younger, hipper image. However, Old Spice didn’t stop there. The brand continued to target millennials through social media, creating funny and engaging content that resonated with younger consumers. Old Spice also released a line of products specifically targeted at younger men, with names like “Fresher Collection” and “Wild Collection.”

The Results

All of these efforts have paid off for Old Spice. The brand has seen huge increases in sales since the rebranding effort began, particularly among younger consumers. In fact, according to Nielsen data, Old Spice’s overall sales have increased by 107 percent since the campaign featuring Isaiah Mustafa launched. Even more impressive, the brand’s social media following has exploded. Old Spice now has millions of followers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and its social media campaigns continue to be incredibly successful.


The rebranding of Old Spice from dad’s cologne to millennial must-have has been a huge success. The brand’s witty marketing campaigns, targeted product lines, and engaging social media content have all helped Old Spice appeal to a new generation of consumers. As a result, Old Spice has become one of the most successful brands targeting millennials, and it’s likely to remain that way for years to come.