The Rebranding Success of Old Spice: From Dad’s Cologne to Millennial Must-Have


Old Spice, a brand that has been around for over 80 years, was once known for its signature scent that our dads and grandfathers used to wear. However, in recent years, the brand has undergone a massive rebranding campaign, totally transforming its image from an outdated and uncool scent to a millennial must-have. This post will explore how Old Spice managed to successfully rebrand itself and become relevant once again in the fragrance market.

A New Direction: The Old Spice Campaign

In 2010, Old Spice launched a series of hilarious commercials staring Isaiah Mustafa, also known as “The Old Spice Guy.” These commercials gained a lot of attention, not only because of their humor, but also because they targeted a younger audience. This was a massive departure from Old Spice’s traditional market, which was primarily older men. The commercials generated a lot of buzz, with over millions of views on YouTube and various social media platforms, making it a viral sensation. The campaign was a game-changer, and Millennials started seeing Old Spice as a fun, quirky brand with a good sense of humor.

Social Media Engagement

Old Spice’s campaign did not stop with just commercials. They expanded their reach by creating social media accounts that allowed them to start a conversation with their target audience. The brand’s Twitter account went viral with their witty tweets and responses, which garnered thousands of followers almost overnight. They even created personalized video responses to customers that went viral, creating even more buzz around the brand. By fully embracing social media, Old Spice was able to connect with the Millennials on a more personal level and gain their trust as a brand.

Product Line Expansion

Old Spice’s rebranding success story is not just about their marketing campaign. It’s also about their ability to innovate with their product line. The brand expanded their product line into various scents, deodorants, and even introduced body washes. With this expansion came a complete shift in the brand’s target market, which went from just men to both men and women. Millennials were drawn to the appealing packaging, and the unique scent combinations came as a breath of fresh air compared to traditional fragrances.


The Old Spice rebranding campaign was a massive success because they were able to shift their target audience and connect with Millennials through humor, social media engagement, and product innovation. Old Spice managed to meaningfully reinvent itself for the modern age, allowing it to continue thriving despite being a decades-old brand. With this exceptional achievement, Old Spice has become an inspiration and benchmark for other brands looking to reinvent themselves.