Target’s Marketing Makeover: How They Captivated the Millennial Audience

Target’s Marketing Strategy

Target, the popular retail company, has undergone a marketing makeover over the past few years to capture the attention of the millennial audience, which comprises a significant percentage of their customer base. By implementing various strategies, Target has successfully elevated their brand to appeal to the younger demographic.

Design and Aesthetics

Target’s redesign focused on simplifying the stores’ look and feel with eye-catching displays and a cohesive color scheme. The company also incorporated more modern and fresh designs to attract younger customers. With their “Made by Design” line, Target offers stylish and affordable furniture and home decor options that are perfect for urban millennials who prefer a minimalist design aesthetic.

Quality over Quantity

Target has shifted their focus from offering an overwhelming number of products to providing a highly curated selection instead. This change was made to cater to younger customers who value quality over quantity. By doing so, Target is offering a more personalized approach to their product offerings.

Digital Presence

Target has ramped up their digital marketing game to reach younger audiences. They have focused on creating engaging and interactive content on their social media platforms and have invested in targeted online advertising that resonates with their younger audience. Additionally, Target has created a mobile app for shopping that provides convenience and accessibility for its target millennial market.

Social responsibility and inclusivity

Target has been taking steps towards social responsibility and inclusivity, which are particularly important values to the millennial generation. They have made commitments to be more environmentally conscious, promote diversity and inclusion, and partner with charitable organizations. By doing so, Target is gaining brand loyalty from younger audiences who appreciate companies that align with their values.


Target’s marketing makeover has been a massive success, and the company continues to resonate with the millennial audience. Their focus on design, quality, digital presence, and social responsibility has elevated the Target brand to a whole new level. The retail giant has created a personalized shopping experience that appeals to younger audiences, which bodes well for their future success.