Target’s Marketing Makeover: How They Captivated the Millennial Audience

The Evolution of Target’s Marketing Strategy

Target, one of the largest retail companies in the United States, has been in business for over 100 years. In recent years, they have faced increasing competition from online retailers such as Amazon. To stay relevant, Target has had to evolve their marketing strategy to appeal to the millennial audience, who now make up the largest consumer group in the country.

The Millennial Audience

The millennial generation, born between 1981 and 1996, is known for their love of technology and desire for convenience. They value experiences over material possessions, and are more likely to shop at retailers that align with their values.

Target’s Marketing Makeover

In order to capture the millennial audience, Target underwent a marketing makeover. This involved revamping their advertising campaigns, redesigning stores, and partnering with popular digital influencers.

Advertising Campaigns

Target’s new advertising campaigns are designed to be more inclusive and diverse, featuring people of all ages, ethnicities, and body types. They also focus on promoting their values, such as sustainability and social responsibility. This has resonated with the millennial audience, who are more likely to support companies with a socially conscious mission.

Store Redesign

Target has also redesigned their stores to be more appealing to the millennial shopper. This includes adding more “boutique” style displays for clothing and home decor, as well as expanding their selection of organic and sustainable food options. They have also introduced new technology, such as self-checkout kiosks and same-day delivery options, to make shopping more convenient.

Digital Influencers

Target has also partnered with popular digital influencers, such as lifestyle bloggers and Instagram stars, to promote their brand. This has helped them reach a younger, tech-savvy audience that may not have been interested in shopping at Target before. It also helps to further promote their brand values, as influencers often align themselves with companies they believe in.

The Results

Target’s marketing makeover has been a huge success. They have seen an increase in sales and foot traffic, particularly among the millennial audience. They have also gained a more positive reputation among consumers, who appreciate their values and socially conscious mission.


Target’s marketing makeover serves as an example of the importance of adapting to changing consumer trends. By revamping their advertising campaigns, redesigning stores, and partnering with digital influencers, Target was able to capture the attention of the millennial audience and remain a relevant player in the retail industry.