Target’s Marketing Makeover: How They Captivated the Millennial Audience

The Evolution of Target’s Marketing Strategy

In the past few years, Target has undergone a massive marketing transformation to capture the millennial audience. The company has always been known for its affordable prices and trend-forward merchandise, but their messaging and marketing tactics needed a serious overhaul to resonate with today’s consumer. Target started by recognizing how different millennials are from previous generations. Millennials are tech-savvy and socially conscious, and they want brands to have a mission beyond just selling products. With those factors in mind, Target began to revamp their marketing strategy to connect with this audience.

Target’s Authenticity

One of the major changes that Target made was to embrace authenticity. They shifted away from using meticulously styled models and created campaigns that were inclusive and relatable. Target’s 2018 swimsuit campaign, for example, featured models of all shapes, sizes, and ages, and they weren’t photoshopped or airbrushed. This move towards authenticity helped to set Target apart from competitors like Forever21 and H&M that have come under fire for promoting unhealthy body standards.

Target’s Social Media Presence

Another key element of Target’s marketing makeover was their focus on social media. Target has always had a strong social media presence, but they took it to the next level by partnering with social media influencers and micro-influencers to promote their merchandise. These influencers were given the freedom to promote Target products in their own unique way, which helped to make the brand more approachable and relatable.

Target’s Brand Purpose

Finally, Target has also embraced the idea of having a brand purpose. Millennials want to buy products from companies that align with their values, and Target has made it clear that they want to do good in the world. Target’s partnership with FEED, a non-profit that provides meals to children in need, is just one example of their commitment to making a positive impact.

The Results of Target’s Marketing Makeover

Target’s marketing makeover has been a huge success. The company has seen an increase in sales and brand engagement, and they’ve managed to capture the attention of a new generation of shoppers. Target continues to evolve their marketing strategy, but their commitment to authenticity, social media, and brand purpose has positioned them as a leader in retail marketing.